This is one of a series of NWN character notes. Binky is fighter/thief who travels with Mischa Waymeet in the NWN game, Shadow of Udrentide. I am not sure that the fighter/thief was such a good idea. See Of Fighter/Thieves @ I discuss the difficulty in keeping up with the game since the scales are no longer exponential. (See also Playing a Rogue on this wiki.)I have still kept the classing at evens for the moment. i.e. until the end of Shadow of Udrentide. This will allow me to adopt a third class if I choose.

I should write up my build notes, but can’t make up my mind about thieving vs. enhancing the fighter. One needs to be very focused.

The Arcanist’s Tower

This was very hard… I boosted fortitude using a potion of endurance, (They don’t stack), boots of hardiness, ring of protection +2 and ring of resistance to protect myself against the Lich’s Death Magic. It also seems the Lich is not extra planar, since Ember’s Axe is not particularly damaging.

Mischa attacks the minions and Binky snuck round the back to attack the Lich.

Temple of the Winds

On the first level, my Thief’s thieving was good enough to disable the traps and open the caskets to get all the armour.

I didn’t have any meat for the second level to distract the fire breathing monster but you get a saving throw. At these levels, there are only a reasonable number of Skeltel Devourers and the fights were quite easy. Mischa should be 13th level at this point; she could turn some of the ‘Devourers.

I summoned a couple of things to help out in the final fight, gotta love a thief’s scroll reading ability. Mischa and her summoned help fought Heurodis while Binky destroyed the Mythlar and then we ganged up to finish her off.

I then took them through Shadohaunt.

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