Here is a note on citizenship post brexit. I deal with voting rights in this note. Otherwise feel free to read on …

The Commission’s comments and landing page on the withdrawal agreement, and the treaty text. (Is this another version of the Treaty Text)

The House of Common’s Library published two briefings, one on the October 2019 version, about citizenship,  and the other on the Dec 2019 version., a more holistic look at the differences, although the latter version says that on citizenship, the October paper remains substantially correct.

I found this which talks about the disputes mechanism, and am unclear if the CJEU has any jurisdiction in immigration cases where rights were defined within the Withdrawal Bill.

In the December version of the Bill, the power’s of the Independent Monitoring Authority were increased, but their independence potentially blunted by allowing the Govt. to wind it up by regulation.

The Guardian reports on the IMA taking the Home Office to Court.

I report on the Settled Status ground rush in July 2021, and have written on immigration more frequently than I planned on my blog.

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