I am doing a couple of cases that require me to check up the likely compensation for discrimination at work. Here are my notes. …

Compensation is based on actual financial loss, hurt feelings (to be considered a breach of rights), compensation for any work related injuries inc. stress and aggravated damages (if the employer’s behaviour was particularly bad.)

Here is a page from citizen’s advice, which categorises the damages into three classes, (Low, Middle & High)

Here is a table, taken from that site.

Band Value Description
Lower £900 -£8,800 For less serious cases such as a one-off act
Middle £8,800 - £26,000 For cases which are serious but don't fall into the top band. For example, a serious one-off act of harassment or where you lost your job because of the discrimination
High £26,300 - £44,000 High £26,300-£44,000 For the most serious cases of discrimination. For example, where there's been a length campaign of discriminatory harassment

These are updated on a periodic basis and called “vento bands”.


The image is taken and cropped from Castle Associates blog on discrimination.

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