Here are my notes on Elanee, one of the protagonist’s companions in NWN2. This is what the NWN2 wiki has to say. It contains advice on the build, highlighting certain spells and critically feats; as ever it includes a story summary and details, sadly deleted content.

She’s a pure druid. So 2nd class fighter, 1st class spells and shape changing. I commented that I had missed, as in failed to notice, her gaining of the shape change powers and so I haven’t had time to really understand them.  She joins in act 1, and summoning is always helpful. She’s got good identify skills. She will romance a male PC.

Like many, I have come to the conclusion that animal shape change is a bit pants, however, she gets plant shape at 12th level and can become a Treant and Elemental Wild Shape at 16th level. Gotta try that! Water Elemental seems good. AI it seems does not invoke the shape changing, and so these abilities remain available in the second half of the Vale de Merdelan. She does however have the “sly blade” which also works once spells have run out.

I find micro managing the NPCs too hard. You can’t do them all, and Elanee’s AI usually keeps her alive; but this means that she almost certainly under performs, but its what’s kept me away from micro managing her.

There’s not a lot of screen shots on google images and maybe I should make some, but this is from deviantart, a fan’s interpretation, a bit more dryad than druid but wtf.

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