So I need to use Artiss Code Embed a wordpress plugin designed to overcome the RTF editor’s unpleasant habit of converting code special  characters to HTML.

This article, explains how to use it. I summarise,

  1. Install the plugin,
  2. Turn on custom fields using the screen options tab in the right hand side of the screen
  3. Create a custom field. The field name needs a prefix defined in the “Code Embed” settings panel on the dashboard. The delimiters are also configurable. The defaults are CODE and %, but they could probably changed to allow {htmlnn}.
  4. The custom field is inserted into the wordpress post/page.

I have tested this using the headline widget, which I have placed in <center> tags.

Next I need to experiment with css and the height and width parameters and then go back through all the posts in this wiki which have code embeded.

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