The site, “If this then that” offers trigger actions as a web service. It works with recipes and channels. Recipes are the “if this then that” relationship, and channels define the this and that.

It has a long list of pre-canned channels and recipes, but sadly NOT an output RSS/XML channel. How to write one? (it looks like writing channels is only done inside the corporate firewall.)

  1. I have set up a bunch of rss/sms triggers to let people know when I have blogged. This led me to pay for the service.
  2. I wanted to set a trigger to turn my phone wifi onto my home wifi when I came home. This article was the best I could find; I’ll have another look sometime. This recipe raises a notification, maybe I should send a text.
  3. I think turn the sound up at 8:30 still works.


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  1. I amended this today, deleted the stuff I no longer use, and documented the new attempt to connect to my wifi on return to the house.

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