I wrote a piece on the LP Brexit debate at #lab19 and in the next few days a number of people commented on the debate, I thought I’d make a little wiki article, bookmarking them; some of these articles are mirrors made by me. As ever, for more, see overleaf/below … 

  1. Stephen Bush, in the ‘Statesman on the Polls and electoral strategy Boris Johnson electoral strategy working – Stephen Bush
  2. Mason, in the ‘Statesman in March 2019, “To defeat an insurgent far-right, Labour must resist Brexit with all its force”
  3. Full Brexit in the ‘Statesman, in April 2019, in the ‘statesman, “To defeat the far right, the left must embrace a socialist and internationalist Brexit”
  4. Jonathan Lis, in the ‘statesman on Labour’s decision to stay neutral “Labour’s decision to remain neutral on Brexit could destroy its delection hopes”
  5. ‘The Full Brexit’: a bridge to the far right, from Shiraz Socialism.
  6. Shiraz Socialist on the Labour decision, The end of Corbynism as Labour revives Wilson’s stance
  7. Here’s Tendance Coatsey in Sept, he published a lot, on Riots, Scargill & Galloway, Carl Schmidt, a press review, a personal preview, the impact of Fisher’s resignation and more!
  8. Paul Mason on Medium, with a preview and post vote comment.
  9. Michael Chessum at another europe’s blog.

Here are some polling results suggesting that Labour’s constructive ambiguity has reached the end of the road.

  1. “In, out, shake it all about”: Why Labour should now oppose Brexit”
  2. Exclusive polling reveals that Labour Leavers have the softest commitment to Brexit, in Prospect Magazine.
  3. Labour Leavers: The lowest of the high-hanging fruit, at Delta Poll, the data for the Prospect article above.

Image Credit: from the spectator, found via google and cropped, stored for reasons of addressability, longevity & performance.

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