This is my page about Machinima, which now has a wikipedia page. Another project which fell by the wayside. The rest of this page deals with some experiments and documents he links I found.

The site has organised itself into channels, based upon the game engine used, and one that interests me is the Neverwinter Nights channel, which references the Bloodspell story.

Here’s some more bookmarks;

  1. An NWN machinima site, claiming the first feature length machinima video.
  2. Neverwinter Nights, a video review by DWTerminator at YouTube, this review was undertaken years after the launch and is interesting, to me, primarily as an example of machinima. The video backdrop is a run through the first couple of rooms of ‘the academy’.

I experimented using FRAPs to capture one of the fights in one of my NWN Games, see also “Dello in Neverwinter”

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