This page was originally entitled “Snipsnap Blog & XML Feeds”. It documented one of the crucial failings in snipsnap, its limited rss feed size of 10 and the blog article naming which means that it considered nearly all the articles to be titled “1”. In 2009, I experimented with using Google reader as a feed aggregator, good choice eh? The final part of this article documented my experiments and gave hints on how to follow me using the google reader feed. This is now no longer available, but neither is snipsnap.

Snipsnap Blog & XML Feeds

The snipsnap blog is displayed in HTML using the {weblog} macro. The weblog is also exposed using RSS and the default is to constrain these objects to 10 items.

I have looked at creating a page with more weblog items but I suspect that constraints within the snipsnap code will prohibit the xml feed from being larger than 10 items. I do not have the code skills to change this.

I did however create a feed in google reader so the complete feed is available via that feed. I could have used a number of feed aggregator/forwarders, such as a private planet or feedburner. I created the feed in November 2009 so previous articles will have to be mined. I could help with a delicious tag cloud for the blogs.

Snipsnap’s own tools aren’t good. There’s no automatic tagging, the tagging interface is slow and cumbersome and the index titles of the blog article are the dates and order serial, so that even if tagged the tag list is unusable.

Using Google Reader as a feed aggregator

This is all now useless. Perhaps I’ll delete it one day.

The first URL is a google reader URL, and the second is the XML file and will be rendered by your browser

To construct a google feed address, prepend the feed address with the following string,


To interpret the address above, %2F is the html visible code for /, %3A is : %3D is = and %3F is ?

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