By, they say, Spacious is incredibly spacious with a clean responsive design. And it has many awesome features like image slider, theme options & many more! I am cobsidering to freshen up, to see what it looks like, see



There are now  two widget editor interfaces. In order to make i.e. add widgets to their frontpage as illustrated, one needs to use the standard wordpress widget interface and not their theme editor interface, which is explained in the video, but not in the written documentation.

The front page and slider

The slider only appears on the home page. The fact that the slider is only on the home page means that the one business template page that one chooses to use must be made the “home” page. The fact they use widgets to populate the template means that without duplicating the template, one can only have one business template page layout. (I am not sure where the content inserted into the RTF pane goes.)

I am not sure its small screen rendering is what I need. It doesn’t looks so good on a Samsung 5. Nor a Samsung 5 mini nor a Iphone 6. I have posted on the wordpress support forum. I have reduced the size of the featured images.

It would be nice to make the  title and picture a hyperlink in the Service Widget.

Making Changes & the Child Theme

It’s taken three days and I need to add some CSS. I am implementing a child theme. I needed to reimplement the table/list rules for use in a page, and I needed to implement an addressable rule to apply the text anchor rules to text and thus to make hyperlink buttons. See also Child Themes.

Embedding Feeds


Time to check out Add Meta Tags

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