I made an aggregation of the NEC blogs I could find, it’s not finished as I need to install some margins, make it responsive and possibly reposition the meta panels. I looked at my snip, Planet (Venus) themes (CSS) and revised it slightly, otherwise here are my notes. …

The page uses the classic fancy theme.

This presents in html and has links to the source blogs in html and creates alternate formats of the aggregate feed, in rss, atom and opml.

I updated the old post with details about how to install and configure ‘faces’ for the classic theme. I reworked how to place the planet logo in the centre of the sidebar panel.

  1. Can I make the screen responsive for small screens? If so the meta panels should be in different places. The feed list should be at the top of a big screen and the bottom of a small screen, otherwise the meta panel can go at the end. The feed links will be written to the <head> section at some time in the future i.e. the code has been installed it’s waiting for someone to post into the feed.
  2. I need to write the alternate feeds as <link> records.
  3. Can I configure the auto margins?
  4. I experimented with a mingle, it needs more work, inc. properly handling non-ascii characters; the pictures I used are all in the right place on the server, prototype HTML code is in >/Documents/HTML

Here is a link to the last article I wrote on this.

Planet (Venus) Themes (CSS)

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