This was copied across from the snipsnap bliki on 26th July. It’s all a bit redundant now, but it might be useful for others. This was a pagfe that documented my work in building the configuration and in some places represented a work in progress. In some cases, the resolution is not documented and in others I failed to resolve it. I eventually gave up on snipsnap. Hope this page helps someone!

Knickers in a Twist

Too often snipsnap becomes unavailable, sometimes, the ssh daemon is available, and sometimes, it isn’t. Today, a reboot of the snipsnap server doesn’t recover the situation.

  •’s stop function needs to be repaired. It doesn’t work.
  • can we discover the error condition and log browse for it

Auto Navigator

How does Snipsnap populate the grey button bars underneath the page.

Green Robot Theme & Images

The class rules for the images don’t seem to be included in the HTML pages. They are held in wiki.css. I wonder if this is because my source for the theme was sub standard. It also looks like there is a problem with print.css for Green Robot. On 22nd Sept 2009, I was trying to get the table macro to work. I discovered that I can’t change themes on this wiki. The visible theme in snipsnap, via the snipsnap interface is Green Robot V2, while the installed version at boot time is “Green Robot”. In order to force a new look and feel I edited the content.txt file using vi in the Green Robot theme file system tree. I suspect this problem is related to my failure so far to install a print.css file. I am unsure what the cause is. It doesn’t look like fielsystem permissions. The themes are held in


Index Repair

This seems to be shagged. I don’t think I have tested this since I implemented the Java server version. I need to retest it.


Why doesn’t the XML button refer to the snip its located on? How do we publish a n RSS stream for a single snip? Looks like you can’t.

Seemed fixed in 1.0b3 Java version and now while displaying a URL that implies only the page changes should be displayed, it is now resolving as the blog feed.

This is how it was designed, it’s also hard coded. See “Maybe snipsnap is not the answer” on my blog.


August Rebuild

This was done in August 2008. This is what I did.

  1. stop the server
  2. take a safety copy of the database mv ../files
  3. take a copy of my custom theme resource file, $HOME/applications/webapp/WEB-INF/themes
  4. reset the Firewall to permit the default snipsnap port
  5. reset the httd.conf file to turn proxying off. I restored the orginal and then forced an httpd reload
  6. delete ${HOME}/.java/*
  7. and then minimally initialise the snipsnap instance on the default port.
  8. close the server, then move and relink the files directory. The link is between the database root node and needs the same name in ${HOME}. The directory name is a long string of numbers and hyphens.
  9. import the backup
  10. copy the theme resource into ~/theme directory and reset the theme
  11. reset the proxy file
  12. reset the firewall to close the default port

I forgot to copy HTMLmacro.jar to ${database_root}/applications/webapp/WEB-INF/lib. I did this on the 21st.

Database Volume

I have moved the database files to the /home volume. I use the file system as my database store.

  • Login into the snipsnap user
  • ensure the snipsnap daemon is not running
  • take a safety copy
cd $HOME
cd ./applications/_8668_/webapp/WEB-INF
find ./files -print | cpio -pvdum /home/snipsnap

cd /home/snipsnap 
tar zcf dbfiles-safety.tar.gz files
  • the above code has left a one compressed copy and one uncompressed copy which are both in /home/snipsnap/, the compressed is dbfiles-safety.tar.gz and the new database is in ./files
  • delete the original ./files directory
cd $HOME
cd ./applications/_8668_/webapp/WEB-INF
rm -rf ./files
  • symbolically link the copied files directory to
cd $HOME
cd ./applications/_8668_/webapp/WEB-INF
ln -s /home/snipsnap/files ./files


I need to do a command line backup to allow this to be scheduled. I have checked out Snipsnap’s B&R snip which offers a solution that needs access to snipsnap-utils.jar which is not in my lib folder. Is this a .war problem?

Fixed in 1.0b3 Java version, I need to document this more fully and will on

I am now out of memory. The auto backup doesn’t work now.

Proxy Server Configuration

I really want to fix this and get rid of the 8080 port visbility, I also want to shorten the URL.

Seems fixed in 1.0b3 Java version

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