Skype & Windows 10 (Versions)

I originally wrote this in 2018, the solution to the system freeze was to use a W10 reset function. I had to revisit Skype & W10 in May 2020.


This time round I originally identified a problem as Skype failing to open the video window, or failing to write it to the screen. I felt this might be conflict with Zoom. I documented it at the Microsoft Community Forums, and was advised to upgrade my Skype Version from 8,56 to 8.60. This led to the system failing, and requiring a hard boot to recover. I have removed it from the system. I need to decide whether to reset, or use the Event Viewer to see if the errors are captured.

However, whatever route I needed to take, required the re-installation of Skype which I did sourcing the binaries from Microsoft’s download site, i.e. not from Office, nor from the Store; this seems to have fixed it.


This seems a bit fragile, I had a problem where Skype video calls froze the system and only a hard reboot would get it back. Frustrating to say the least.

I put the question on the Microsoft forums, and was instructed on how to reset it using the W10 panel and not the legacy software inventory panel.

It seems fixed now. Hope it stays that way

Musings on O356

So work is pushing me to Office 365; it wouldn’t surprise me if the next home system does so too. I have decided to see if W7 and a more modern hardware makes OWA easier to use. I have had to upgrade my phone since my current one was very old, and they didn’t want to support BB6. Microsoft have also bought Yammer and Skype recently and launched Lync as part of the desktop; so everyone needs a clear road map. I shall start with the view that I should use Lync for chat and Yammer for micro-blogging inside the company. Obviously, outside the company I shall continue to use what people read/reply to. An interesting insight, inside a company managers can declare use policies that have a chance of sticking, but it’s not guarenteed.

So can pidgin act as a Lync chat client? Here’s the google search, here’s the pidgin plugins home page., it seems SIPE is the keyword, and the pidgin page says it’ll support TRM as well as implying it’ll support Lync although it seems designed for MS Office Communicator.

So, here’s the SIPE code,, it’s an NSIS install on Windows, think I had to reboot windows to see the “Office Communicator” option. The configuration runes are documented on this page, which is part of the O365 community site. DFL 9th Oct 2014