I needed to install WAMP on my PC, to support some Amazon developments; I needed a screen interface to my database. Here are some notes and links. I talk about installation, and port conflicts. I might expand the install notes to include advice on mysql security.

Here’s a Video, that I haven’t watched yet.

I got it from source forge. here….

It conflicts with Skype, which is covered at Stackoverflow, where a contributor called Hydrogen writes

I have had this issue before and it turned out that Skype was interferring with port 80. So you may have to look at your system to see if you have another application utilizing this port.

Anyway under Skype, to change this setting it was: Tools->Options->Advanced->Connection->Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections. Untick this, restart Skype, restart wamp.

The critical symptom is that the run time indicator won’t turn green.

I talk about IIS conflicts here….

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