I wanted to say something simple about the cost of desk space in London and made it complicated. I made a map showing relative costs, this is how.

Desk Rental

First get some data, here’s realla with 2019 data from which I have made a spreadsheet and chart.

I think these costs are ground rent only, inc. of basic utilities but not including IT or Telco costs. (Let’s say £35 p.m. for the telco and £50 pm for the laptop, but these are not included in the charts).

Then the Mayor & GLA have made a mapping display tool, this is available here. I have transcribed my data to a sheet using this as a template. It has the instructions within the sheet and I have produced this map.

Cost of office desk rental (London 2018)

It doesn’t really tell you anything that’s not obvious, except perhaps that Southbank is more expensive than you’d think.


And while I was at it, I made one about income,

Household income by Borough

Living Rent

I went from income to the London Living Rent and I made one showing the London Living Rent by ward!

The GLA Template is here. The GLA’s data is here. I am using the figure for a three bedroom property.

And I have enlarged Lewisham,

Let’s remember that the LLR is as much a proxy for income as it is for land value, which is itself driven by the effective demand for housing.

Green Party Vote

I did one for the London Green Vote. With the modern versions of excel, i needed to make the folder a ‘trusted location’.

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