A couple of things came out of my attempt to upgrade my hugo website which is hosted on aws at davelevy.cc. Here are my notes. 

I need to work out how to offer the service with an https protocol.

Otherwise here are the links I found while debugging the HUGO site.

  1. My S3 console!
  2. An article on how to do it on AWS by kyle galbraith on Medium
  3. And what AWS say!, their custom domain walkthrough
  4. Amazon’s 1st stop documentation on Website Hosting and maybe their second on static page hosting, or vice versa.

With respect to AWS and https, which is my current problem, here’s a video from aws, the S3 web server can’t do https. Fuck!

Here’s two articles from a GG blogger, Chris Burns

  1. On making an S3 site
  2. On using Amazon Cloudfront for CDN & https

And here’s a video from AWS





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