My newest W10 build

This was originally written when I first got a new laptop, a 14″ ACER; it’s a bit smaller than the last one, its CPU is about 4 times more powerful and it only took me a couple of hours to get going.  I got fed up with the recurring BSOD and “reset the PC” in Sept 21. Here apart from my notes on NWN2, are my notes. …

No 3, a new HP

What I did this time,

  1. I used ninite, to install, firefox, chrome, opera,, zoom, skype, winscp, putty,  visual studio code, imburn, windirstat & 7-zip; I forgot to ask for, ccleaner, Steam, Google backup & sync, audacity, spotify, the vnc server/viewers, teracopy and winrar. They don’t offer office or adobe acroread.
  2. Then authorised whole disk sharing and copied across C:\tcl, c:\bin, and C:\python37.
  3. By then windows update was ready and so I ran the update, then reset the taskbar settings, inc. how do i turn off the news taskbar preview in windows 10
  4. Then off to and install office.
  5. Copy NWN onto the C: drive
  6. Install Adobe Acroread from the web
  7. Install Real VNC from the web
  8. Download and Register CCleaner, the licence details are in an email; then clean the registry, and update the drivers. I also copied ~/etc to the new machine at this point
  9. Install google back up & sync; this requires you to login to google with a browser
  10. Then HP Smart, which I think is on the computer as its an HP), but I need it for my printing, I’ll wait until I need the Print & Scan doctor.
  11. And next the store for, whatsapp desktop, todo, facebook messenger and windows terminal FFS 😱 (that’s 22 at the moment, not counting the contents of C:\bin.

I have made a comment about syncing OneDrive which points at this.

I am not finished yet and I am very bored with this. I need to see if there’s a better way than this, will this article on windows package management help?

After a Reset

I reset the PC, let’s see what’s broken? I looked at package managers but have reinstalled by hand using firefox which I installed using Edge. Firefox, ccleaner,, & MS Office. I then installed whatsapp desktop and messenger using the MS Store (and I think, wt.exe) and then back to the browser for Visual Studio Code, Zoom and acroread. See below for bash, but I find that my activision installations of Python & TCL/TK seem to be fine as I installed them into C:\ and not the windows folder. Chrome via download using Edge 🙄. Firefox Ghostry and diigo! Then putty, filezilla & RealVNC. I failed to backup the configurations for the network utilities and will have to rebuild them by hand. I need the Firefox dictionary and language pack, and then got MS ToDo from the store.

I made a comment about .pdf readers. i.e. I have installed Adobe’s acroread, but there maybe better options from the store.

The windows mail app seems better behaved today and I have moved the stuff on anti-virus and video drivers to the comments. ccleaner now comes with a driver (& a limited product) updater. Sep 2021

Version 1


  1. Filezilla, would not install from the browser, I had to save then run; this may have been Norton misbehaving. It has an export/import feature to copy accross my saved site login parameters.
  2. I did not reinstall microsoft azure  cli, powershell nor its storage explorer; this can wait until I needed it again. The same can be said of Visual  Studio.
  3. I did not reinstall sqirlz morph, the same is true of soda pdf, slack and my VNC tools. I’ll reinstall VNC when I need it.
  4. The installation of quicktime failed; it’s not supported on W10.
  5. I have left Chocolatey off the machine, I used it for cURL, LAME and node.js but I have turned bash on. We’ll see what breaks.
  6. I left Context behind and am now using Visual Code

I have installed the games, and written a note on NWN2.

I took the opportunity to leave Opera behind, thought about Edge but, it’s poor in importing my bookmarks from Opera and doesn’t seem to run the diigo digolet. So Firefox it is then. However, I find that several e-commerce sites have a problem with Firefox and so I use Edge or Chrome to use these sites.

Here’s how to transfer the putty settings.

I installed  wish & python, together with some of the small toys that I had collected over the years. (This is basically done, the languages come via Github, the toys, which include an MD5/SHA key generator, a double killer and wget, are easy to copy; Yahoo Mail is a bit tricky.

There is new code for a Windows Terminal, which I have installed. It is called wt.exe, and I have installed a short cut in my More folder. On installing wt.exe, the second time, i.e after a reset, I discover I want/need bash. This takes me to this on installing the WSL, and this on the store for the bash implementation.

Windows Mail App & Gmail

This can be a bit of a problem. I came across the issue where W10 does not write to the “Sent” box for Gmail, which I documented, but on running the rest I moved my findings to the comments. The problem seems to have gone away/ by Sep 21. The following remains useful. How to  set the signature files in windows 10 mail.

Video Conferencing

The video conferencing apps misbehave. The detailed comments have been moved to the comments section of this page; the problem seemed to be related to version control of Skype and the video drivers. I updated the Skype version, and the video system driver using the MS driver interface in the systems applet of the control panel/settings panel. I sourced the driver from Intel. ACER did not have a video driver.

10 thoughts on “My newest W10 build

  1. So I reset the PC today. In the following order on Day 1, I configured Edge, installed firefox, ccleaner,, office via and chrome. I add whatsapp desktop & messenger from the store and visual studio code from the internet. Next a PDF reader! I wonder if this review will help.

  2. On Windows Mail App, this can be a bit of a problem. I came across the issue where W10 does not write to the “Sent” box for Gmail. There are a couple of threads about this which can be found by Google, here is a thread called, “Windows 10 mail app not syncing sent folder”,.

    1. One correspondent, suggests in Nov 2015, that the problem is that gmail requires it’s sent items folder to me called “Sent Mail” while W10 Mail requires it to be called “Sent Items”, if this is the problem, then you’d think that MS might have solved this. Our correspondent suggest creating a label called “Sent Items” on gmail, but don’t think this works for me. i.e. this is not a synchronous download and messages sent from W10 mail are not recorded in either mail box but are sent to “spam”.
    2. It seems my problem is that the w10 mail app does not send a copy to the sent mail folder, they are sent to spam. I opened this thread. I found this video, which recommends resetting, or uninstalling, reinstalling and patching the mail product.
    3. It will only set out off office messages on Microsoft mail services. This in my opinion is a bit shit.
  3. The video conferencing apps misbehave.

    1. Zoom cuts of the camera after some time, possibly only when hosting
    2. Skype, is misbehaving, if called, the video window doesn’t open, and it behaves as voice only connection.

    I have updated the Skype version, and the Video system driver which is sourced from Intel. ACER do not have a video driver. I have [found] some threads at Microsoft’s Community site

    1. Trouble with camera not showing with skype or zoom, asked as do many of these threads for the dxddiag list and discovered a down rev driver in the video stack, so platform specific.
    2. Upgrading Skype to avoid system crashes on w10, mainly written before the problems reoccurred, started by me.
    3. Does the zoom client interfere with skype on w10, resolution was to get the version of skype from the download site and not the store, nor from office.

    I have upgraded my video driver (Intel) using the MS driver interface in the systems applet of the control panel/settings panel. It seems better for this. Awaiting new symptoms.

  4. I am moving to a new laptop. Most of my documents are on OneDrive, this includes my Pictures. I have a picture cache. The bulk of its contents have been written by the old laptop, this includes the Desktop folder. I am getting sync errors on the new machine, this from Microsoft is the start point. I am also having problems with a shared desktop. The apps and icon should be in the same place and so should work. Viewing the icons works in some cases and not in others. The old laptop does not connect with some of the applications.

    Why can’t I see my NAS drive[s]? How to make this work consistently? The new laptop found the network; I needed or maybe not to reboot the disk, now it seems invisible. The reset old laptop has lost touch with the Raspberry Pi and the NAS drive.

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